Toolmaking and plastics

Innovative plastic solutions

Haumann Technology provides expert customized toolmaking and innovative plastic solutions. From design to production, we offer world-class service to meet your demands.

With ten years of experience and a deep understanding of the requirements of different industries, we deliver plastic solutions that meet the highest standards. Our expertise spans across varied industries including automotive, electronics, and medical applications.


Million parts delivered to international customers


Prototype tools manufactured strictly in-house


Plastic mass production projects successfully completed

Precise injection molding for your Exacting requirements

Core competencies

Haumann specializes in building precision and complex injection molds, such as multi-cavitation molds, unscrewing molds, double color injection molds and pre-deformation molds for nylon glass applications that require an intentional design strategy to account for shrinkage, warpage, residual stresses and external forces. Our major production categories include, automotive parts, household appliances, sporting goods, and enclosures for the electronics industry. We also offer a broad range of creative injection mold solutions including high precision LSR molds, and mold design services. Our goal is to strengthen our customers competitive advantages utilizing German controls and turn key services that offer superior precision.

Competitive pricing

Your budget concerns are important to us.


We bring your products to market in a timely manner.


Precision you can rely on.

Top performance through innovation and automation in the automotive and athletic industries.

At Haumann Technology Co. Ltd., we are committed to leading the industry in plastic injection molding by innovating eco-friendly solutions, delivering unparalleled quality, and fostering long-term partnerships. Our mission is to empower clients with superior products that enhance efficiency and sustainability while maintaining the highest standards of integrity, safety, and precision. We are dedicated to continuous improvement, environmental stewardship, and exceeding customer expectations through collaboration and advanced technology.

Strong partnerships

We are proud of our close partnerships with leading companies in the automotive and sporting goods industry. This collaboration allows us to develop innovative solutions and deliver high quality products that exceed our customer’s requirements. Our long-standing relationships with our partners are a testament to committed excellence and our success in the industry.